Cool Moms Only Buy Cool Gifts

I am sure many of you have hear things such as “Mother’s Intuition”. I agree that a mother truly knows best. She will only give her children the safest and educational products. The question is, are those products always cool, stylish, and fun? That where Cool Mom Picks comes in. Their website allows other moms to find the coolest gifts available out there and we’re honored to be included. Here is what they have to say about the Mobo Cruisers:
“For toddlers, I’m not sure I’ve seen anything as neat as the Mobo Mini Cruiser (at top) which blows my memory of the Big Wheel out of the water. Nice and low to the ground, this would be a great first three-wheeler for kids as young as 30 months, and the adjustable frame will keep them comfy up to five years.
Steering looks really intuitive for little kids, with the handles at the sides and the recumbent position means they can relax against the padded backrest without tumbling off. Mobo has even addressed my concerns about low-to-the-ground vehicles by including a safety flag—very smart.”

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