After a successful GRAMMY Event, Mobo is back in business: improving the lives of others

The reason we wanted to sponsor the GRAMMYS Talent Gift Lounge is to share the joy of riding the Mobo Cruiser with the world. Sure, having celebrities ride our product is totally cool, but our number one priority is still (and always will be) to improve the lives of customers and make people smile.  That is why we are very happy that Bloomsberg BusinessWeek did a story on us at the GRAMMY Talent Gift Lounge.  BusinessWeek is a weekly magazine that has been one of the top Business magazines since it was first published in September 1929.  It definitely is a great feeling to know that through the story, casual audiences can know what their favorite celebrities think about the Mobo at the GRAMMYS Gift Lounge.  Hopefully word on the Mobo’s participation at the GRAMMYS Gift Lounge will continue to spread because this product is meant to improve the lives of everyone, not just celebrities.


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