The Triton Cruiser to appear on Make Me a Millionaire

The Triton Three-Wheeled Cruiser has made television show appearances on the popular TV game show the Price is Right three various times, it will now be featured on the new game show Make Me a Millionaire. The new game show was started by the California Lottery, it gives contestants the chance to will a progressive jackpot that starts at $1 million. Not a bad chunk of change, to play a random number will be selected for a contestant that is between 1 and 50. Based on what that number is, the contestant will predict whether the next number is higher or lower. Each time a contestant guesses correctly, they will earn $10,000. After the first incorrect guess the contestant decides whether to take the money or attempt to go for the jackpot. A contestant who guesses incorrectly twice receives $10,000 (still not a bad chunk of change). Contestants also will prizes as well as cash, and that’s where the Triton comes in! So check out the Triton in the next few episodes of Make Me a Millionaire which airs every Saturday at 7:30pm pacific time.

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