Delivering Happiness

“Delivering Happiness, Live in the WOW.” Tony Hsieh’s story at the Harvard/USC Business Growth Conference on May 6 was very inspiring to me. I was so excited to share that quote with everyone. I immediately got a response from my husband saying, “You make me live in the wow and you deliver happiness!” That quote motivated me to think how I can have the same kind of influence on my family, team, customers, and community.

I am very honored to have the same last name as the CEO of Zappos. We have similar commonality of striving for business success. I have always wanted to be a successful business woman since I was 10 years old. Being an immigrant, I came to America 16 years ago as a young teenager who could not even say a word in English (maybe apple). I was always trying to look for the best possible way to accomplish my dreams, while maintaining my core values rather than simply following the standards set by society. For example, I have always wanted to create a fun working environment, but I ended up following corporate rules instead. The Zappos’ story made me realize that I shouldn’t “try being someone you are not”. His book “Delivering Happiness” inspired me to reflect who I am inside and believe that success will come if I follow my heart, my dreams, my vision. Nothing is impossible.

Currently, I am in a similar stage as Tony Hsieh was 10 years ago; an entrepreneur who wants to have an impact on families’ lives and put a big smile on their faces. It will inspire me everyday to create more WOW factors for all the important aspects of my life. I am motivated to also grow the reach of the Mobo Cruiser and encourage everyone to cruise in style with Mobo.

– Melody

About the Author

My upbringing has played an important role in where I’m at today and how I relate to business. I began working in a factory in Taiwan at the age of 8. I saw my parents working extremely hard to build a better future and a better (non-rat infested) environment for their children. I learned quickly that hard work and smart work are the essential ingredients of success. Many years later, these values have paid off in my business life and my personal life.

I came to America as a young teenager who knew only a dozen or so English words. Working hard and working smart, I quickly mastered the English language, finished high school and a college and achieved an MBA, my crowning educational achievement, from the USC Marshall School of Business.

Prior to the MBA program, I followed my dream and established a business, Asa Products, Inc. Being a female and minority entrepreneur was difficult, but my mantra has been and always will be, “Dream big and never give up!” With hard work and determination, Asa continues to grow and, now, I am delighted about the positive impact that Asa has had on families and youth. Here, my vision is to develop the most stylish and innovative products for the active lifestyle community and every product Asa works on is designed to improve the lives of our customers and make them smile. Now, nothing makes me more happy than to share the success story of my business to inspire others and to help them succeed.


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