Me and You are Equal

I would like to share an  interesting message which I received last week.  I got invited by Ricky Martin to attend his concert, the M.A.S world tour. The Concert took place at Nokia Theatre LA Live in Los Angeles on Friday, May 6th.  Needless to say, it was amazing. The whole time, I was thinking that Ricky Martin’s twins must have this same feeling of excitement when they cruise on the MOBO Mini, the World’s Smallest Luxury three wheeled cruiser. I first met Ricky at the GRAMMYS official gift lounge in Feb 2011.  I told him that his kid will enjoy our newest product, the MOBO Mini. Knowing that his other child might get jealous (he has twins), Ricky jokingly told me “what am I going to do with just one?” So I promised to give him two MOBO MINIs, now the twins can enjoy riding their own MOBO Mini during his world tour.

There is no doubting that Ricky Martin is a talented artist and performer. Not only did I enjoy the exciting and steamy hot concert, but I respect the humongous influence that he has through community service and charity work.  I love this quote “You and me are equal, No more, No less, No race and color difference, Just ask to be the same” After hearing his story, I deeply feel it.  As a minority and female business owner, I value each individual. I believe that everyone is one of a kind.  As long as you have passion about what you do, work hard, smart, and keep trying your best, your talent will surely be discovered. Everyone can have a bright future, it is for you to decide how far you can go and how bad you want it. No one else can do that for you.

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