From Impossible to Possible

This year was a big year for me. You could even say that it was a life-changing year.  Mobo officially got the Disney license and launched to retailer stores, I have been  going non-stop since January 1.

It all started with the Licensing Expo in 2013.  We were just visiting the show to get ideas and try to see what will be a good fit.  Well, I did not have any appointments with any of the big licensors such as; Disney, Nickelodeon, or Warner Brothers.  However, I thought since I am there why not take a full advantage of the show.  I stopped by at every potential booth and found out who the contact was and passed along my business card and catalog.  Of course, I followed up with emails.  Within 3 days, I got responses from every one that wanted our products, which confirmed the value of the Mobo Brand.

Within 3 months, we got an approval for Disney-Pixar Cars and Disney Planes license and within 6 months, the contract was signed. This was a whole new process for me, from negotiating the contract to certifying the company to designing the products, and it was done within a short period of 6 months.

First retail launch was at Toys “R” Us and the Mobo Disney Planes cruiser was placed in all of their feature shops.  Again in 2014, we decided to pursue Disney Frozen license and we were able to turn around quickly and within 6 months, we were able to sell and meet the demand for Holiday 2014.

We make the impossible, possible.

It seemed that there was not enough time, there were too many things that came all at once.  However, I am a very fortunate person.  The power to keep me going came from courage, family, husband and my team support.  It’s hard, but the opportunities are not there every day.  But you choose your own path and I chose to always dream big.  My goal today is still the same goal as when I was 10 years old: to be a successful business woman.  Be persistent and never give up on your dream.  We can do it and make it happen.

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