One exercise per day, keeps the fat away.

Summer is around the corner; it’s time to tune up everything that we have… either the bike or even your own body. A short while ago, my husband and I went away to our vacation home at Lake Havasu for the weekend. We were planning to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views by touring around the city on the bicycle. We were enjoying the rejuvenating spring weather there.

It was a beautiful day. After a short ride, I started feeling dizzy, my legs were getting heavy and I was running out of breath. I saw my husband waiting for me at the front, still in top form. When we finally arrived at London Bridge, I told my husband, “Can you please get the car and pick me up here? I do not have any juice left” Of course, my dear husband rode back and got the car. The impressive feat was that he was able to ride his bicycle back to the car in 10 minutes, but it took us an hour to ride to the market together even though it is only a 3~4 miles trip.

After he picked me up at London Bridge, he jokingly told me, “I finally got my exercise for the day”. I suddenly realized that I have to build up my strength and make exercise as a part of my everyday routine, not just a one-day thing. Rome was not miraculously build in one day. Like Rome, it takes time and consistency to build up your body and stay healthy. Start building up yours today.

– Melody


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