Boys and Girls Club + Mobo Cruisers

Earlier this month, Mobo Cruiser’s team, including myself, had the pleasure of hosting a donation event at the East Valley Boys and Girls Club in Baldwin Park. Our CEO, Melody Hsieh-Hornstra had the generous idea of making a donation of cruisers. As a child, Melody did not enjoy the luxury of playing with toys, or even riding a bike for her very first time. She used this life experience as a platform for her business. Melody decided she would create a product that would bring joy to children and allow them the opportunity to experience their first bike riding moment!

Together, we came up with a fun set up for the event. It was exciting getting everything into preparation. We invested a good amount of time searching up and down the web for inspiration and coming up with creative ideas. We went on a scavenger hunt in our warehouse for equipment and made our last pit stop at Costco to take advantage of the free samples. Oh, and while we were at it, we purchased all supplies needed for the event. Finally, the day arrived and we all got to steppin’. Despite the wave of heat and limited time to set up, we managed to finish a nice deco for the children’s race outdoors.

Once it was time for our little racers to come outside, it was all smiles and fun for everyone. With 4 cruisers on the “race track” every child got an opportunity to ride their designated cruiser. The Mobo and B&GC staff did an awesome job helping out the smaller children to ride their cruisers. It was a great joy to watch the children have such a blast participating in the race. That wasn’t all; the kids were in for a treat. Towards the end of the race all the little participants were rewarded with prizes, favor baggies and snacks! We’d like to thank the Day Care Center Director, Michelle Clayton, and her staff for all their help in making this event possible. This is definitely one for the books!



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