Everyone is Creative

My belief is that everyone is creative.  It doesn’t matter if you are a clerk, an engineer or a mechanic.  Most people believe that creative people are artists or have artistic hobbies such as painting, sculpting or pottery.  I know that no matter what you do on a daily basis, you can bring your creativity forward.  It might be as simple as the idea of a creative solution to a mundane problem that has bothered you forever, thereby making your life a little bit better.  If you look for a better way to do anything during your day…even packaging school lunches, then you are being creative.

It is easy for me to be creative because I have a great deal of practice…I am a professional  creative.  I am Mobo’s Creative Director and I contemplate all manners of creative solutions for everything including photography, design, catalogs, web ads, product development, color choices, package design, and even trade show presentation and promotion.

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Sometimes even I can get stuck creatively.  Perhaps what helps me can help you too.  Step back,  take a fresh look at your issue, idea, or widget.  Mull it over, turn it over…leave it alone, get a cup of coffee or fresh air…stretch…give it time.

Usually when you release the stress of the issue, a solution presents itself and you can resume your process.  I look forward to stepping in the world that you are creating every day.  Take a deep breath and create your life with a smile.






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