A Guide for Holiday Shipping

To expedite the process of Drop ship for Ecommerce during the busy holiday season, it is imperative to prepare and anticipate the volume of units on a giving day. Communication with order processors and the shipping team in a timely manner is a big factor in the fulfillment process. As carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and other freight companies will also be swamped with larger pickups in quantity. Relaying a proper message to those dispatchers to ensure pickup and delivery will be the key factors for a productive holiday season for the small business that thrive during this holiday push.

The first thing to do when preparing for a smooth business day will be to anticipate your volume of orders. Some say this is difficult as you cannot foresee sales, I beg to differ.  By looking at last year’s sales trend, you should be able to see a pattern of sales. For example, we know that the Monday after Black Friday for an Ecommerce company will be one of the largest shipping days of the year. With this information, the company can schedule employees properly as to not be understaffed for such a long day.

While typically the order processors will print out labels, add into QuickBooks, and relay the given order to the shipping department, during the holiday season the processors must get the number of packages to the warehouse as quickly as possible so that the process of staging items can take place. This might take away for the processors typical routine, but the shipping department needs this information almost immediately so they have time to grab the bulk orders expected. At this point the processor can go back and print the labels for the items ready in the docking area. The shipping department, after staging the items, will then have an idea of what they need to communicate with the dispatchers of a given shipping company.

With labels now printed and placed on the package, the proper sized freight truck en route, and the order processed, we can expect the customer to get their order in a timely matter. It is not easy to prepare for such a hectic month in the retail world. However, with proper communication between all parties, along with a little extra effort forecasting the last few years’ trends, you can have an excellent holiday shipping season.

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