All of us have projects…too many to count in most cases.  Home improvements, self improvements, health improvement – we have to-do lists at work , and classes and clubs we attend.  All of these things have similarities.  Once they begin, they require focus, attention, time or treasure and momentum.  When you finally have the clear intention to begin your project or process, you move ahead with single determination like a switch has been flipped.  Then you determine your best course of action, whether it is a remodel a bathroom, better abs or signing up for a language class, there are sequential steps that must be followed: the basics and then the more complicated steps,  followed by a reward (new bathroom, six pack abs, fluent in French)!

The time varies as does the effort, but all require action, momentum, keeping it going, follow-through, stick-to-it-tiveness.  A universal law declares that objects in motion tend to stay in motion.  So find it within yourself to begin that project and follow through – the deep breath and realization that you did it, is incredibly satisfying and you will have something to show for it as well.  So get out there and move it, move it.  I hear a song coming on…

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