National Bike to Work Day

May 19th is coming quickly! Pump up those tires, lace up your sneakers, get on your bike and ride!  Here are some tips for the big commute:

  • Plan your route – Find streets or paths that are suitable for your cycling ability.
  • Leave early – Give yourself plenty of time so you won’t feel rushed.
  • Ride at your own pace – It’s not a race, take your time and enjoy the ride.
  • Be safe – Observe the rules of the road and wear comfortable visible clothing.
  • Be friendly – Smile and wave to fellow commuters/motorists.
  • Have fun – You’ve turned your dreaded commute into a leisure activity that’s good for you!


If you find that you enjoy biking to work, keep doing it!  It’s good for your health, happiness, cognitive ability and wallet.  Save money on gas and wear and tear on your car.  It’s also good for the environment, helping reduce reliance on fossil fuels, pollution and global warming.  Lastly, it’s just more fun.  Why sit in traffic when you can be out for a ride!



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