Recumbent-Seating Style Mobo Cruisers are Breaking through at the LA Auto Show

Asa Products is very honored to be featured in the “World Journal”, the largest Chinese daily newspaper in the United States. We got the opportunity to meet a reporter from the newspaper at the amazing LA Auto Show. You can find the feature story located on the front cover of the “local news” section. Here is the English translated version of the article:

The Los Angeles International Auto Show is the largest motor show in the west coast.  In addition to many large U.S. car manufacturers, there were plenty of participants who showcased their own unique products and joined the festivities as well.  With their very own Mobo Booth, Asa Products is featuring a peculiar form of tricycles and leisure products that managed to captivate the audience.

Asa Products is a manufacturer which designs casual use products that is both stylish and innovative.  Its core product, the Mobo cruisers provides fun and safety for the whole family. Additional products such as sunglasses, sport apparels, helmets, air pumps and other derivatives each offer a unique variety of features and benefits to customers.  Melody Hsieh, the President of the company, obtained her MBA degree in the University of Southern California four years ago.  This experience encouraged Melody to re-brand her product line and place an emphasis on a Wow, Wow, Wow customer experience.  Triton in the name of the brand during its first three years in the market; commissioned by a new marketing strategy, the brand was updated to Mobo this year and the Los Angeles International Auto Show presents the Mobo Brand with an opportunity for maximum exposure and a brand new start.

Melody Hsieh said that this tricycle is mainly for recreational purposes as it does not require any specific riding skills, gender and age.  Anyone can easily get started: simply use the lever to adjust the size, sit comfortably in the “chair-like” seat, then the rider can control the direction using both ends of the handlebar.  In addition, the reverse gearing function adds an extra fun element for the passengers.  Due to its “one-of-a-kind” nature, there are currently no similar products in the US like the Mobo Cruisers and it were able to attract thousands of media attention in this large show.

Since the beginning of the LA Auto Show, Melody Hsieh was able to answer a lot of people’s walk-in inquiries ranging from media representatives, new potential dealers, and consumers even purchased directly at the show.  She said that this tricycle is very lovable, you can use it at beaches, parks, school playgrounds, and riders can enjoy the fun anywhere.  She mentioned that a few years ago, the sole intent of her business is to make money and generate profits without placing any attention on marketing and branding strategy.  Now she realized that building the brand value, targeting the right market, effective marketing strategy, designing attractive logos, websites, etc. are equally important. The primary goal is to benchmark mainstream Fortune 500 corporations for their strong business model.  Asa Products will continue to expand their company by letting the Chinese wisdom flourish and developing innovative products that improve the lives of their customers.

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