Start Something New

I was reminded today by way of one of the hundreds of uplifting memes we all see on the internet to “Let Today be the Start of Something New”…  Somehow, today, that reminder resonated with me.

There is a saying  by Robin Sharma that says “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”  This is an opportunity to stop and recognize our daily routine and shake it up a bit… It is time to inject some much needed creativity into your day.   It can be a subtle as a color of clothing that pushes your boundaries a bit… a new coffee shop or bakery, a new way to work, reaching out to a friend, or perhaps even getting off your butt and exercising, enrolling in that class you’ve been meaning to do or  making extra time for the kids in a place that you would all enjoy.

I think about that “someday” moment when I will get around to “it” … that day has arrived because it is the only day that you have.  Enjoy it and start something new.

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