2010: Year in Review

It had been an amazing 2010 and we would like to thank all of our readers for being a part of the Mobo family. In the past year, we are very honored to have the Mobo Cruisers featured in several acclaimed magazines such as Popular Science, Pixie, Bicycle Dealer, and Parenting Magazine. We are also flattered to be recognized by many gift guides and toy awards, especially the kid-tested ones. It is definitely a great feeling to know that many children are smiling and having fun because of the Mobo Cruisers. We look forward to another exciting year with you in 2011, but first let’s take a look back at other things that made 2010 the year it was.

e-book Readers and Smartphones

Smartphones have been wildly popular for a few years now and 2010 was not any different.  Countless Apple loyalists purchased an iPhone 4 the day it came out and other products such as the Blackberry Torch, Droid X, and HTC Evo 4G made 2010 another great year for smartphones. Originally, smartphones are designed to provide business people instant access to their emails, the internet, and the stock market wherever they are. Since then, other applications such as GPS capability, mobile games, and instant messaging  have truly evolved the industry and now pretty much everyone owns a smartphone.

Arguably, the iPhone 4 might not even be the biggest Apple product in 2010; that honor probably belong to the iPad. Unlike smartphones, e-book readers are fairly new to the market. The concept of only needing one “tablet” to read any book you want is intriguing. E-Book Readers such as Amazon’s Kindle had a great 2010, but none created a bigger impact than Apple’s iPad. With capabilities such as media storage, e-reading, movie viewing, and web browsing on top of its cool sleek design, it is no surprise that the iPad is regarded as the most popular item in 2010 by many people. The iPad is like the golden child of a computer and an iPhone.

The Rise of Facebook

Social networking have been popular for a while, but Facebook rose to another level in 2010. The movie “Social Network” grabbed the Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay awards on last night’s Golden Globes and Facebook’s co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg  was named as Time’s 2010 Person of the Year for changing how we interact, build relationships, exchange information, and essentially live our lives. With more than 500 Million Active Users, we expect Facebook to keep going strong in 2011.

Confusing Movies and TV Shows

While the movie “Social Network” is grabbing awards left and right, “Inception” was the most talked movie in 2010. Dark Knight Director, Christopher Nolan, gave a mind-bending masterpiece that audiences will talk about for years to come. TV Show “Lost” also aired its final season in 2010. As expected, huge ratings followed as curious audiences are anticipating a grand ending to the popular show. Unfortunately, the final season gave audiences more reasons to be confused than satisfied.

Great Sports

It does not get any better for Sports Fans than 2010. The New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl and they gave great joy to a city that is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. The San Fransisco Giants also won their first World Series since 1954, but it was the usual suspects who were on stage for the NBA Championship. The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics resumed their rivalry as they face off in the finals for the second time in three years. The championship gave Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant his fifth ring, the same as Lakers legend Magic Johnson, one more than nemesis Shaq, and one short of Michael Jordan.

The World Cup is only held once every 4 years, but it is always regarded as one of the biggest sporting event around the world. This year’s World Cup in South Africa was no different as Spain took home the title, but the biggest sports story of the year belong to John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. The two Tennis players are not household names, but the two players showed great sportsmanship, stamina, and determination as they matched each other point-by-point in an instant classic that lasted a record breaking 11 hours and 5 minutes match over 3 days. There were many historic sports moments in 2010 and Tiger Wood’s scandal, LeBron James’ “Decision”, and Brett Favre being Brett Favre made the journey even more fun.


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