Augmented reality iPhone-powered GPS displays for cyclists

Augmented reality is soon to be the next big thing in the tech world, especially for smart phones like the iPhone. Well some smart Japanese developers have created an iPhone-based setup specifically for cyclist. It makes use of a heads-up display to help guide cyclist via the iPhone’s GPS system. The Scalar T3-A display connects to your iPhone and gets mapping data that it then shows in a visual display you see in the corner of your eye. The display can be retracted as well in case you don’t feel like using it. The odd part about the setup is that the iPhone has to be mounted on top of the helmet, which would suck if it rained or you fell off your bike and landed on your, helmet. The system is a prototype however, so we’re sure a better solution will be developed. This is just another slick way that app developers are making use of all that the iPhone has to offer.

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