There is more happiness in giving than receiving

“There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.” That is what I learned when I was young.  The story about Kyle Martinez’s stolen bike showed that there are still many people with good hearts.

When the news broke about Kyle’s stolen bike, Orange County Special Olympics mentor Rick Guerrero offered to buy a Mobo Cruiser replacement with cash from his own pocket.  He wasn’t looking for special recognition; Rick believes that what you get from society, you should try to give back to society.

We were so touched by his kindness and realized there  many people we can help with our products.  Inspired by this incident, we donated five Mobo three-wheeled cruisers to the Orange County Special Olympics.

With their new fleet of Mobo Cruisers, more Special Olympians can train and compete on bikes, as the Mobo 3-wheeled cruiser offers more stability and ability to balance than the standard 2-wheeled bike.  And of course, we love that these bikes will encourage children to be physically fit while having lots of fun too.

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