Meet The Mobo

“Boys and their Toys” There is no denying that boys love to have the coolest and most fun toys available.  Even as they grow older, men take pride in having unique gadgets equipped with the newest technology.  Needless to say, girls think differently than boys do; for girls, it is all about looks.  Younger girls are always holding their prettiest Barbie doll or stuffed animal, while diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  Due to these differences, it is rare to find something that is equally enjoyable by boys and girls alike.  Here is an exception to that rule, “Meet the Mobo”.

The Mobo Cruisers boast an extremely fun and unique dual joystick steering system that can keep boys occupied and satisfy their active lifestyle all day.  Men will take pride in riding on the world’s first ever reversible cruiser while their friends ride on a traditional bike.  In the mean time, the Mobo Cruiser’s sleek colors and design allow girl riders to cruise in style.  Moreover, the Mobo brand is also working on a clothing line that will keep riders fashionable while they exercise.

Asa Products is launching the “Meet the Mobo” campaign to celebrate the company’s re-branding process from Triton to Mobo.  Be sure to check out the “Meet the Mobo” Electronic Billboard located in the 10 Freeway at Fairplex Drive near the 57, 60 and 210 freeways in California.  You can personally meet the Mobo at the LA County Fair this September and at Las Vegas’s 2010 Interbike Show.  Asa Products will continue to develop the most stylish and innovative active lifestyle products for boys and girls alike as they continue to build upon the Mobo brand.

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