Melody Hsieh-Hornstra appears on Fox and Friends

On Monday, February 16th, Asa Products’ president, Melody Hsieh-Hornstra, had the great opportunity to appear on the TV show, “Fox and Friends”. There was a 4 minute segment where “Mothers of Invention” were highlighted and Melody was one of them. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the host of the segment and she was very impressed by the great products that these “Mothers of Invention” created. I was able to be there on set and I got to see the behind-the-scene process of filming this live segment. I also get to see Melody behind the scenes at the office and I can see how hard she works. From working in a factory at a young age, to now owning a thriving company, this is the “American Dream” at its finest!  Melody did a great job and deserved every bit of promotion she got.

While Melody was riding (my personal favorite) Mobo Shift, it was cool that she was able to briefly share what Asa Products/Mobo Cruiser are all about. One thing Melody talked about was wanting to see kids get away from the TV and computers and getting outside to engage in healthy living. That is really important, especially nowadays. With technology at an all time high, kids are starting off at an early age playing on computers, phones, and on gaming systems. If you look at how newer houses are constructed, you will see that most houses are not made with porches anymore. People don’t typically go outside to play too much anymore. You don’t see parks crowded with kids like they were 10 -15 years ago. This is where The Mobo Cruiser comes in to counter that! We want to see kids healthy and active. our cruisers are perfect for that; giving the whole family a fun way to be active and healthy. This is why the Mobo Cruiser is becoming so popular; It is a quality product that brings so much fun for the whole family.

Since this aired, we have been receiving so many calls from asking about Mobo. This product is definitely a product for the whole family; from the child learning to ride to the adult that just wants to cruise. This is a product that will be around for a long time. For more info on Mobo Cruiser, check out our website

Here is the link for the segment: Take a second to check out the video.




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