Re-Celebriting California Bike Commute Month

Did you know that May was California Bike Commute Month?  Mobo reminds you that you can still get involved.  With gas prices threatening to climb higher by the end of the summer, amateur bicycle riders are starting to see the value in leaving the car in the driveway and pedaling into work.  However, rising gas prices shouldn’t be your only motivation.

Consider the health benefits of riding your bike to work.  A sedentary lifestyle can lead to such afflictions as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  Cycling, however, exercises and conditions the heart better than walking or jogging leading to a healthier and longer life.

Do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.  While California laws have been enacted to reduce the emissions from cars and trucks, those same vehicles are still the primary cause of air and noise pollution. Bicycles, however, produce no emissions and little or no noise.

Bicycling is so much fun! You’re pumping those legs, your hair is flying behind you and you’re feeling so good that you are doing your part to reduce emissions.  Keep pumping because you are releasing those “feel good” endorphins that put and keep a smile on your face.

And most importantly, you are setting a good example for your children.  We all have the opportunity to fix our planet.  We teach our children to recycle and conserve.  Seeing Mom and Dad bike to work will surely have a positive impact on their world and their future.

If you’re concerned that a traditional bicycle just doesn’t suit you, Mobo suggests riding to work on a 3-wheeled cruiser such as their Mobo Cruiser.  Not only is it stylish and sporty, but it is also gentle on the knees, back, and wrists for those who are concerned about their aging body parts.

Be the talk at the water cooler tomorrow!  Bike to work and tell your work mates how much YOUR tank of gas cost today!


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