Riding a bike on your commute may be faster than a taxi or subway

We’ve all been in rush hour traffic before and have endured the countless hours of sitting and the frustration of being late for work or appointments, it sucks to say the least. Well the New York Daily News had a challenge to see what was faster, riding a bicycle, riding in a taxi, or taking a subway in a commuter race 4.2 miles from Sunnyside, Queens to Columbus Circle in New York during the morning rush. It took the subway rider 15 minutes to get from point A to point B. The cab rider came in at a snail paced 27 minutes later and $30 broker. The green friendly bicycle beat them all and was first place. While this may not apply in Los Angeles where cars are still king, but in a big city like New York it makes perfect sense to take two wheels instead of four.


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