The Story of Kyle Martinez

Over the weekend it was reported that Kyle Martinez’s three-wheeled bike was stolen. A bike being stolen is always devastating to a child, but Kyle’s dad is out of work and this bike offered him the stability and extra coordination needed by a child with Down Syndrome.

Two folks in particular jumped to Kyle’s aid: Richard Guerrero (who is affiliated with the Orange County Special Olympics) and our very own president, Melody Hsieh-Hornstra.

Richard was going to buy Kyle a new one.  Melody, touched by Kyle’s story, offered 2 things: upgrading the bike to a Mobo Triton Pro for Kyle and a donation of 5 brand new Tritons to Richard’s chapter of the Special Olympics.

The Mobo team delivered the bike to Kyle’s house and it clearly made Kyle a very happy young man. We are very proud of the Mobo Cruiser because it obviously made a positive impact on Kyle’s life and helped put a smile on his face. Click here for a video to see how this story unfolded.

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  1. Una Carroll

    Sweet story.

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