Summer List

4th of July is now just a memory and the days of playing with fireworks is gone. The question now: what can we do for the rest of the summer season? Here is a Summer List of fun things to do this summer break. Who knows, you might even be able to create some fireworks in another person’s heart.

1. Summer Sun
Enjoy the Sun! Whether you plan to surf at the beach, hike a mountain, play sports at the park, BBQ in your backyard, or take your Mobo Cruiser for a ride, the sunlight is a big part of the summer season.  You seriously do not want your skin to look pale like Edward from Twilight. I know girls thinks he’s hot, but I do not think anyone can pull off that look without sparkling skin. Turn off your TV, get off the couch, and enjoy the summer sun. This is the first step in having a healthy summer season.

2. Summer Style
After countless hours at the gym, the time has finally come to show the world what you have been working on. Pack up your favorite Bikini or Swimming Trunks and be prepared to turn some heads. Take advantage of the great weather and share your unique fashion style with the world. Let’s face it; you cannot exactly share your favorite shirts if they are always covered by a sweater during the freezing winter weather.

3. Summer Trips
Summer is the one season where you do not have to worry about school or homework. Most people are either too broke after buying gifts or they are too busy planning New Year parties during winter break, but that is certainly not the case for summer break. We strongly suggest everyone to utilize the extra time to take a summer trip (in most cases, this will also take care of #1). Sure an exotic destination would be nice, but the key thing is to strengthen the bond with the family and friends you went with. Since we are talking about relationships, this brings us to step 3…

4. Summer Love
There is something magical about Summer Love. Ever watched the hit musical movie Grease? Their whole relationship started because of Summer Love, even Justin Timberlake wrote a song about Summer Love. Go on and take a chance at love this summer.  If all went well, this could be the summer that changed your life forever. Do whatever it takes and do not be afraid to take risks as long as it’s legal. Do not break the law or you might end up like Lindsay Lohan (who is not getting any Summer Love this year).

5. Summer  Flicks
You will not get summer love by watching one movie, but it is a great starting point. It is no secret that summer movies are enjoyable and this summer is no exception. Girls, you can easily get a Boy’s attention by watching an action packed movie like Salt or The Expendables with him. For boys, the easiest route is to show your sensitive side and watch Eclipse: The Twilight Saga. If you do not want to torture yourself for 2 hours; however, watching Scott Pilgrim against the World will also do the trick. The movie is about a boy who needs to defeat 7 super ex-boyfriends to win the girl of his dreams. It sounds like a great date movie with a hint of action that both genders can enjoy. There are definitely many great movies to choose from this summer, ranging from the light-hearted animation movie “Toy Story 3” to the mind bending “Inception”.  Summer sun, style, trips, love, and flicks are a great recipe for a memorable Summer Experience.

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