Thousands participate in Bike to Work day

Many people around the country have been ditching their cars and jumping on their bikes to get to work. Whether its to burn some calories or to help save the Earth, it seems the biking to work movement has been growing year after year. This year thousands of commuters in metro areas around the country participated in Bike to Work day this past Friday, May 21st, 2010. It’s not just the desire to lose a few pounds that has helped the various bike to work programs across the country, many cities have created trails and bicycle lanes to make it easier for cyclist to get around in urban areas.

With the price of gas soaring and waist lines expanding, riding your bike to work, or just for pleasure seems like a great alternative these days. So if you didn’t participate in Bike to Work today, consider trading in your car for a day (or two) next time around and hop on a bike. You’ll help reduce your carbon footprint and burn some calories as well.

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