Zappos Ultimate Office Ride

WOW” is a powerful word. We usually hear it when people are experiencing strong emotions. “WOW” is a word we use in special moments. “WOW” is something you say when you watch fireworks or see a newborn baby for the first time. That is why we were amazed when we heard a company like Zappos is able to give each of their customers a “WOW” moment.  Tony Hsieh’s (CEO of Zappos) goal is to deliver happiness and provide a “WOW” Experience. His dedication really inspired us to provide a “WOW” Experience to our customers as well. We decided to give them our newest product, The Mobo Shift, as a token of our appreciation.

At first, we wanted them to “WOW” Zappos by giving them the world’s first reversible cruiser. Not to be outdone, Zappos was able to “WOW” us back by transforming our Mobo Shift to the Ultimate Office Ride. Now Zappos employees can freely visit each other’s desks on their free time by utilizing our Mobo Shift. Check out the video above!

From this experience, we highly encourage everyone to give each other a “WOW” Experience. Zappos received the Ultimate Office Ride because we delivered them a “WOW” Experience. In return, we got ourselves an unbelievably cool video because they tried to “WOW” us back. Now imagine what will happen if everyone try to “WOW” each other. I believe that we cannot have too much “WOW” in this world.

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