How to still get out and exercise when you’re injured

Many Americans are injured every year while playing sports, from minor injuries like a sprained ankle to more serious injuries that require surgery like a torn ACL. Sports injuries happen, it’s a fact of life. Many athletes hate having to stay off their feet after a sport related injury, but you don’t have to be exercise deprived after getting hurt. One way keep active while recovering from a sports injury is to ride a recumbent tricycle like the Mobo Shift


The Mobo Shift is the perfect recumbent tricyle to ride to help keep you active even after a sports injury. Running, jogging or even riding conventional bikes can be almost impossible for those healing from an injury. The Mobo Shift is very easy to ride for boths kids and adults, with it’s low center of gravity seating position it is easy to sit on and very stable. For those with back injuries the Triton’s padded seat and back rest allow riders to get out and exercise when they couldn’t before on a conventional bicycle. Of course if your injuries are very severe it is best to not be active and to rest, but if you’re suffering from sprains and other minor injuries than the Triton may be the best way for you to work up a sweat while recovering.




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