A Balance in Quality and Quantity of Sleep

I’d like to believe that I am not the only one who’s had those days in which I’m barely going about my morning and already dreaming about making it to my bed to get a good night’s rest.  The night before, I was too busy being a cool kid and signed up at the booth of sleep deprivation.  Or perhaps I did give myself the luxury of going to bed early and even got an extra hour of sleep, but for some reason woke up feeling just as exhausted.

At some point I was confused as to why I felt very tired whether I went to sleep at the crack of dawn, or got a full night of slumber.  The quantity of sleep we get is crucial, but quality matters as well.  It is vital that we undergo all stages of sleep in order to wake up emotionally and physically balanced the next day.  Check out “The Biology of Sleep”[1] to learn more about the different stages of sleep.

Back in the days, I would have never thought how much the lack of sleep has an impact on our lifestyles.  According to, “How much sleep do we really need”[2] by Melinda Smith, “sleep deprivation can affect you just as much as being drunk.”  Crazy, isn’t it?  In her article, Smith also mentions that, “sleep directly affects… our productivity, emotional balance, brain and heart health, immune system, creativity, vitality, and even [our] weight.”  If you’re not getting the quality and quantity of sleep you need, it’s likely that you may not be living a lifestyle to your fullest potential.  Perhaps getting the proper amount of sleep you need will be on your next “To do list.”


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