Celebrate Earth Day by living a healthier lifestyle

Earth Day is a movement to bring awareness to improving our planet’s environment, and it’s right around the corner. This year Earth Day is on April 22, 2010, how will you do your part to help clean up our planet? Cutting down on waste and energy use is a great way to do your part. Car pooling and using more energy efficient appliances to purchasing goods with less packaging, everyone can do their part to save our planet.

One way to celebrate Earth Day and do your part on a daily basis is to live a more active, and healthier lifestyle. Instead of getting in your car to go to work or the market, try getting on your bike. It will help you burn some calories, and reduce your carbon footprint. Instead of packing the kids up in the SUV and driving to an amusement park, try riding beach cruisers along the beach or at your local park. It’s cheaper than a ticket to Disneyland and uses almost no carbon, and you’ll get a great workout in the process.

Help do your part to save the Earth. Earth Day will be held on April 22, 2010. For more info check out EarthDay.org

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