Exercise with Mom this Mother’s Day

America is obese, our waist lines are expanding and our guts are ballooning. So instead of taking Mom out for a fattening Mother’s Day breakfast or dinner why not show good ol’ Mom how much you care by making sure she’s healthy? Instead of flowers and candy how about taking Mom for a bike ride along the beach? Instead of a fattening breakfast at Denny’s why not buy Mom something that’ll will insure her well being like a gym pass, treadmill or a beach cruiser bike? Be sure to explain to Mom that your intentions are for her health or else you may get a slap to the head because she thinks you’re calling her fat! A healthy lifestyle starts with the family, we as children inherit much our of lifestyle from our family members. So if your family isn’t the most active and healthy group then maybe it would be a good idea to use Mother’s Day as the occasion to get your family in shape.



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