Fight global warming and improve your health by riding a bike

Research has recently shown that riding a bicycle and eating less meat is healthy for you, which should be a given. It also found that it can be good for the planet as well! The Lancet published a report that said, “one widely held view is that implementation (of strategies to cut greenhouse emissions) would prove socially uncomfortable and economically painful. But … if properly chosen, action to combat climate change can, of itself, lead to improvements in health. The news is not all bad. Doctors from around the world have started a lobby group called the International Climate and Health Council in hopes to get other health professionals involved in the movement to get people more active.

The council wants to support the use of bicycles in large cities like Delhi and London in an attempt to to cut green house gases, with a quarter of all gas emissions coming from transportation vehicles. The study showed that more bicycle use in London alone would see stroke and heart disease cases fall by 10-20% and breast cancer drop by 12-13%. So get out there and ride a bike more often, it won’t just improve your health, but the health of our planet as well.


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