How to have fun while exercising

If you want to live a long time and stay fit and healthy you HAVE to exercise. Sure you may not look overweight, but can you run a short distance without gasping for breath? Many people in the United States are overweight or obese, and that number continues to grow every year. Many people find exercising a grueling and boring event, just one of many tasks we have to do as often as we can. Others find a lot of fun and satisfaction out of a daily jog or workout session, so how come they can while others can not?

It is all about how you think about it. If you’re the type of gym goer that just goes because you have to if you want to stay slim you won’t enjoy going. If you go because you are determined to stay healthy you will find a trip to the gym more enjoyable. There is no reason an exercise session can’t be fun. If you’re bored of the same gym routine then try mixing it up. Go for a jog in the park, or a hike on a mountain trail, or ride a bike cruiser at your local beach. By making your exercise routine something you look forward to, or a way to relieve stress instead of a required task, you’ll find working up a sweat much more enjoyable.

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