Health-Conscious Baby Boomers Can Cruise in Comfort

The AP this week reported that “Baby boomers say wrinkles aren’t so bad and they’re not that worried about dying. Just don’t call them old.”  Doctors are encouraging their healthy boomer patients to get out there and stay fit.  So they’re walking, attending fitness classes, dancing, etc.  And bicycle riding is making a comeback!

For many Baby Boomers though, there are some drawbacks to riding a bike.  You don’t have to be in any particular age group to know what those drawbacks are.  If you’ve ever taken the kids for a ride only to “feel the ride” in your back, shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, and butt for days to come, you know EXACTLY why they don’t just hop on and go. As we age, stability and balance become issues as well.

What are the alternatives to the traditional bicycle?  Mobo Cruiser makes a sporty yet chic 3-wheeled cruiser that offers Baby Boomers a comfortable, maintenance-free, easy ride that doesn’t leave them sore and bed-ridden.  They’re left feeling energized, youthful, and wanting more.  And with a renewed interest in bicycling, there are more community trails, clubs, and organized rides than ever before across this country offering Boomers new venues and excursions outside of their current community.

Those with fixed incomes can also be assured that the price isn’t all that hefty either.  Mobo has created a line of specialty cruisers that range in price from $249 up to $599.

Here are some other options for Boomers to consider when thinking about purchasing a Mobo Cruiser:

  • One Size Fits All – with an adjustable frame, Grandma and Grandpa can easily ride the same bike with one simple tool-less adjustment.
  • No gears or shocks – the simple construction makes it virtually maintenance free.
  • Comfortable wide tires – makes for a smooth ride over most pavement.
  • Cushy wide seat – no worries…you will not acquire “bicycle butt” on a Mobo Cruiser.

There are lots of other reasons too, but don’t take my word for it. Ask your local dealer for more information or check the Mobo Cruiser website for all of the stats and cruiser comparisons.  Stay fit, enjoy the fresh air, and remember why bicycle riding was so much fun during your “first” stage of youth!


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