How-to keep your New Year’s resolution

2009 is gone and 2010 has just begun, and just like New Years past we all make resolutions that we promise ourselves we’ll stick to, but eventually break. So how can you stay dedicated and stick to your New Years resolution?

Be Reasonable

The key to sticking to your New Years resolutions is being dedicated, but also being reasonable with your New Years resolutions. We all want to lose a few more pounds, live a healthier lifestyle, save up some money or land our dream job. But telling yourself you’ll drop 50lbs, buy a house or become the CEO of a Fortune 500 company without taking things a step at a time will only lead to failure.

Tell yourself you’ll lose 10 pounds, then work your way up to 20 pounds and so forth. If you put too much onto yourself at once you’re bound to be discouraged and give up.

Make a List

We all tell ourselves we’ll quit smoking or going out to eat every other night. But when things become inconvenient we throw our resolutions right out the window. If you make a list it will help visualize your promises to yourself. Put the list on your fridge, on your desk at work, or tape it to your mirror in your bathroom. Anywhere where you’ll see it often so you don’t forget the goals you set for yourself.

Set Deadlines or Benchmarks

Like we discussed above, don’t set your goals too high or you’ll be discouraged before you’re half way into the new year. Tell yourself you’ll lose a certain amount of weight, smoke less cigarettes, etc by a certain date. When you reach that goal at that date set the bar higher and work your way up. Stick to the game plan and don’t falter or give up, if you work at it you’ll be able to actually keep your New Years resolution instead of just putting off until the next New Years Eve count down.


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