Getting your kids off the couch and on a bike

Remember the good old days when you would go outside and throw a ball around, ride your bike to the park and stay out till sunset? It seems in this day and age those days are long gone. Now kids are glued to the TV playing video games or watching reality TV all day. Instead of playing football they’re playing their Xbox 360 or Playstaion 3. Instead of going outside to ride a bike they’re glued to the fancy HDTV all afternoon. When I was a kid I used to ride my BMX bike around my neighborhood with all my friends and burn up a sweat. That’s until the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo entered my life, I was outdoors less and less and inside more often.

Parents shouldn’t blame childhood obesity entirely on video games for a kid’s weight issues or lifestyle. There is a whole number of factors, from video games, television, junk good to less motivation for outdoor activities. When I stayed in more often to play video games instead of shooting hoops my folks never told me to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Children need encouragement and motivation to get out and be fit, and parents need to lead by example. Many adults in the United States are overweight and this sets an example for children.

There are some companies who specialize in providing products that are targeted at children, and adults, to help provide fit and fun lifestyle to help promote healthy living and weight loss. One such company is ASA products, makers of the popular Mobo recumbent tricycles. Their motto is that the Mobo is all about “fun and fitness.” Definitely something all children could use more of these days. The Mobo recumbent tricycles have been featured on the popular TV show The Price is Right and has been a hit at toy fairs across the country. They make the perfect beach cruiser bike that everyone in the family can enjoy. ASA Products have worked with local Southern Californian schools to help promote fitness among students and have run a successful campaign to push the Triton and the new Mobo as an important accessory to families wanting to get back into shape.

The Mobo brand of recumbent bicycles has a good following and can be seen at many beaches and parks around the country. It is easy to ride and kids of all ages as well as adults have been using their Tritons to burn up a sweat. The Mobo was designed to be fun as well as simple to ride, it has become very popular with special needs children who can’t ride a traditional bike. The Triton has become the modern day “big wheels” that many of us had when growing up but with a lot of improvements. I wish they had Tritons when I was a kid! Whether it is riding a Triton, playing baseball or taking a walk in the park kids (and adults) in this country need to start enjoying the great outdoors more often and start living healthier lifestyles.

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