Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign

First Lady Michelle Obama recently kicked off her national initiative to help fight childhood obesity. Included in her campaign debut were business and medical leaders, activist and a slew of celebrities. Called “Let’s Move,” the project has the approval of the President as well as a backing of over $1 billion of federal funding a year for 10 years. This is the first national task force of its kind to tackle childhood obesity, which has before a large issue nationwide. With more and more children before obese and overweight, this initiative is meant to help reverse the trend.

The task force has four main pillars: more nutrition information, increased physical activity, better access to healthy foods and most importantly, personal responsibility. The campaign has bipartisan support from both parties and is a great way to get Americans involved in their own health. You don’t have to wait for the campaign to reach your town however, you can take the First Lady’s lead by getting out there and starting your own exercise program and eating right. You’ll feel and look better as well as live a healthier lifestyle, so get out there and let’s move!

Watch the video of the “Let’s Move” campaign kickoff below:

[Source: LetsMove.gov]


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