Rain Safety Tips

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean that you have to stay cooped up indoors. However, following a few important safety tips will insure your chances for a safe and enjoyable outing in the rain.


Wear your clothes in layers, especially if it’s cold, this way you can adjust your attire as needed. On the outside, be sure to wear light weight wind and water resistant materials. This will help keep you dry and warm while you’re out. Also, put something on your head, like a hat. This will keep your upper body or at least your head dry and it will keep your vision from getting impaired by having water in your eyes.


Stay visible in rainy conditions. This means wearing high contrast clothing. When it’s raining, visibility is greatly reduced, especially for vehicles whose driver’s have to look at a wet environment, through the rain, through a wet windshield and through a moving windshield wiper.

Exercise More Care

When it’s not raining, you have to exercise a lot of care to stay safe while riding a bike, playing a sport, or just running. When it is raining, you have to be even more careful. Don’t take any chances and stay on extra high alert with your surroundings and the people and fixtures around you.

Go Slower

Whether you’re riding a bike or jogging, whatever you’re doing, go slower. Surfaces are not as sticky in rain as they are in when dry. Your chances of slipping and getting hurt are greatly increased in the rain, so take it easier, take it slow and be extra safe.

You can still have a fun outside when it’s raining, but exercise great caution and don’t stay outdoors for too long. Long periods of exposure to cold weather just might lead to a cold which you could be dealing with for several days after your outing.

Have fun and stay safe!


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