Why I Ride My Bike

I love riding bikes!  Going as fast as I can on my road bike, cruising to work on my commuter, riding around the neighborhood with my kids or navigating rocky terrain on my mountain bike are all exciting and enjoyable for me.  If I had to narrow down the reasons for my love of cycling they’d be as follows.

Cycling is a challenge.  Pushing myself to be a stronger and more skilled rider never ends.  Setting personal records over a familiar course or trail is always satisfying.  Every hill becomes a test and mountains become training obstacles to conquer.  Along with increasing fitness, riding allows me to get plenty of exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Bikes are interesting machines.  I’ve always liked tinkering with mechanical things.  As a kid I’d take apart my rollerblades to switch bearings and wheels for speed and comfort.  In college, I’d mod my car for more power, grip and durability.  Bikes are a good middle ground, not as complicated and expensive as a car but faster and more challenging than a pair of rollerblades. 

Riding a bike is fun.  The simple task of forward motion from pedaling is enjoyable.  It’s hard to explain why but it just is.  Maybe it’s feeling the wind as you move through the air or being outdoors enjoying nature or the thrill of self-powered motion these factors combine to make cycling an inherently fun activity for me.  Add in the social aspect of riding with friends and family and there’s nothing I’d rather do on a nice sunny day!

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