Riding a Triton vs Jogging

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These days exercise is something less and less people worry about, childhood obesity is on the rise, diabetes rates are soaring and waistlines around the United States are expanding. Many people (especially children) just don’t have time to get out and exercise, and well to many exercising just isn’t fun. Triton three-wheeled cruisers were used at Lennox Middle School in sunny Southern California to try and encourage students to have fun and burn some calories while doing it. According to the results riding a Triton tricycle is not only fun but it increased children’s heart rates above and beyond the target of 130 to 180 bpm for most children. Many of the middle school students also found riding a Triton was a lot easier for them than jogging. While jogging and running is the most effective way of burning up a sweat and getting fit, riding a Triton three-wheeled cruiser is a great (and fun!) alternative to losing pounds and being fit.

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