Get in shape for summer!

Summer is almost here and you know what that means? It’s time to get back in shape! If you have a few excess pounds to lose it’s still not too late to get that body you want. The hardest part is starting, and sticking to it! It won’t do you any good to work out hard for a week only to stop and not stick with it. Once you start a workout routine the key is to stick with it and keep going, start out slow at first and build your way up. Many gym goers who are trying to lose their winter weight and get back into shape for summer usually do it the wrong way. They jump on a treadmill and run 5 miles then go to the weight machines and pump iron they can’t lift, and sooner then later they over strain themselves. This can sometimes lead to injury. The key to getting back into shape is to eat right, and build up your strength and stamina over time. You’re not a pro boxer so you don’t need to go through a 10 week regiment. Start off with a walk then work your way to a run. Pick up the 10 pound dumbbell before the 30 pound one. Then by summer you’ll be feeling good and looking great!


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