Sports drinks can harm your teeth

We all drink our sports drinks and most of us think that they’re all relatively good for us. Many people have become concerned about the sugar in these sports drinks, recent studies have shown that sports drinks are bad for your teeth as well. Sports drinks are great at keeping your body hydrated but they can also weaken your teeth over time. The International Association for Dental Research had a study that showed many sports drinks on the market will lead to erosive tooth wear. They immersed cows teeth and water and in a sports drinks such as Life Water, Vitamin Water and Gatorade. They soaked them for 75 to 90 minutes to reproduce the consumption of these drinks over a typical day. Their studies showed that these drinks damaged tooth enamel more than even soda. This is due to the sugars, acidic ingredients and additives found in most sports drinks on the market. This shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a Gatorade after a workout however, if you’re consuming a sports drinks in a quick amount of time such as after a trip to the gym the damage won’t be a severe as drinking multiple energy drinks throughout the day. Researchers suggest drinking plenty of water after consuming sports drinks to help wash away the sugars and acid.


[Source: CNN]


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