Stay Hydrated for a Safe Exercise Routine

Whether you’re riding your favorite Mobo Cruiser or your just taking a walk, it’s especially important to stay hydrated. That means while you’re exercising, not just before or after you exercise, you should be drinking a good amount of water or another liquid.

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you’re not getting properly hydrated? How about passing out while you’re exercising and causing some serious damage to your body? That’s something that you’ll want to avoid. Also, when you’re hydrating, avoid sugary drinks, like soda or other drinks with lots of sugar. Avoid drinks with either sugar or high fructose corn syrup as one of the top four ingredients listed on the label of your drink. Finally, if possible drink water that is room temperature or slightly chilled and avoid drinking ice cold liquids while you’re exercising.

How much water should you be drinking while you exercise? That depends. It depends on the type of exercise you’re doing, the weather conditions you happen to be in and the natural needs of your own body. Careful though, it is possible to over hydrate! If you’re thirsty, take a drink. If exercising consecutively for longer periods of time, take regular drinks of water while you’re exercising. Your body with thank you!

Drinking water while you’re exercising will help you to replenish the liquids in your body and have the most productive and the least destructive exercise. It will also help you to get the most out of your Mobo experience.

Note: Consider purchasing a Mobo water bottle holder as an accessory for your Mobo. This way, you’ll stay hydrated, stay stylish and you can have easy access to hydration!


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