Know when to stop exercising!

Exercise is great and exercise is healthy, but it’s also important to know when to stop exercising.

It’s perfectly normal to experience some level of discomfort when exercising, including sore muscles, fatigue and labored breathing. Sometimes it even takes some time, a day or two, for those sore muscles to appear. This is normal with any vigorous level of exercise.

On the same note, it’s important that you don’t overdo it and that you stop exercising when your body gives you certain signs. Extensive pain in your muscles, cramping, irregular heart beating or nausea means that you’ve been exercising too much. If any of these symptoms begin to arise, it’s important that you slow down and choose a less vigorous exercise routine.

Every person has a different tolerance to exercise. If you’re just starting to exercise, you’ll want to start with a light exercise routine and build yourself up over time. Here, you’ll notice that you can exercise longer without detrimental physical results. Once you’re body has been accustomed to more vigorous exercise and your stamina is especially strong, then you can take on a more challenging exercise routine.

Also, a lighter level of exercise could be healthier for you. Rather than sprinting on your Mobo Cruiser or sprinting on a run for a short period of time, lifting very heavy weights or riding up a steep hill, try a light to brisk level of exercise for a longer period of time. Use weights that are comfortable for you with light to medium resistance and avoid steep grades when walking, running or riding on your Mobo Cruiser. This will help you to build your stamina and fitness much better and with a lesser chance of some of the downsides of exercising.


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