Study shows exercise might not benefit everyone the same

Exercise is thought to be beneficial to everyone, if you want to be fit and live a long life then being healthy is key. Or what is what we thought, at the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting in San Francisco two studies showed that children in urban areas who actually participate in sports has had a positive effect, while children in rural areas have had a negative effect. Clark University in Massachusetts conducted the study on kids from poor urban areas. Their study showed that exercise helped those kids by increasing self-esteem and their studies at school. They also found that kids were less likely to try drugs at a young age if they were active in sports.

The study also showed that kids from rural areas had the opposite results. Participation in sports by kids from rural areas actually saw them try drugs more often and these kids experienced delinquent behavior more often. Researchers claimed that less peers in rural areas with environment playing a big role. Sports and fitness is still the best ways to keep fit and healthy, the environment that these activities are in seems to be the major player here. With better parenting and education I’m sure health and fitness will have the same impact on kids everywhere.



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