Increase in fitness leads to decrease in heart risks

Recent studies have shown that staying healthy and fit will reduce the changes of health and heart related risks, it may seem like common sense but it’s not a common practice with many Americans these days. These studies have shown that people with cardiorespiratory fitness, or high levels of physical fitness, have a much lower risk of dying from heart disease or cardiovascular disease.

The studies were based on 102,980 participants and 6,910 deaths. Participants with a low CFR had a 70 percent higher risk of death (all causes) and a 56 percent higher risk for coronary heart disease as opposed to those with a higher CRF. Those with low CRF had a 40 percent higher risk for all-cause death and a 47 percent increased risk for cardiovascular disease than those with intermediate CRF. So get out there and get fit if you want to live a long and happy life!


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