The Mobo supports Possibilities Unlimited International

Asa Products, Inc. makers of the Triton Three-Wheeled Cruiser participated in a fundraiser to benefit challenged martial artists given by Possibilities Unlimited International (PUI) at their 6th Annual Tea and Luncheon on Saturday, October 17, 2009 in Glendora, California. Possibilities Unlimited International is a non-profit, and their members raise money and accept donations on behalf of “special needs” martial arts students. PUI serves to educate the public on developmentally, including orthopedic challenged, athletes with the emphasis on their “abilities” rather than their constraints of blindness, deafness, developmental challenges, post-polio, strokes and/or amputations. Asa donated a Triton Mobo and Triton Pro Three-Wheeled Cruiser at the event which was raffled off as the grand price at the fundraiser.Save

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