Mobo is the new Triton

Los Angeles, June 7, 2010: Today, Asa Products, Inc. announced that it will be adjusting the brand focus of Tri-ton, one of the company’s most popular brands.
Due to an expanding array of products and the success of its three-wheeled bicycles throughout the country, Asa has decided to remodel its branding focus in a way that includes a new name for the three-wheeled cruiser line. The new brand is Mobo.

“This new branding focus allows us to better embrace the values behind our three-wheeled cruiser line and all of the many types of products that have and will be related to this line,” said Melody Hsieh, President of Asa Products Inc. “We’re excited about this change and we’re looking forward to serving our customers better, with more products that embrace the vision of Mobo, such as the most innovative and stylish active lifestyle products.”

Asa will continue to provide “wow” service and customer support for products that carry the Tri-ton brand and the company expects to complete the transition from Tri-ton to Mobo by the end of the year. With the Mobo brand, Asa will continue to impact families’ lives, put a smile on children’s faces, and encourage everyone to cruise in style.

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  1. Peggy Sorenson

    Where can I find parts for my bike?

  2. Ray

    Hi Peggy, you can fine parts at out site:

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