Racing Fun with Rising Stars

The Asa team partnered up with acclaimed Los Angeles based photographer Shane O’Donnell once more for a photo shoot. The project took place on May 28, 2010 near the South Bay Area and it was a beautiful breezy day right before Memorial Weekend. It was another successful photo shoot which includes family bonding moments and racing images.

We were lucky enough to be joined by two rising stars in the modeling industry: Rocky Myers and the always smiling Stephanie Danielson. The brightest stars of the day, however, are the kid models: Matthew, James, Johnny, and sisters from the hit show Desperate Housewives, Kendall and McKenzie Applegate. There is an undeniable fun and pure joy reflecting from their smiles as they raced each other with the Mobo Cruisers. They certainly made the day feels like a summer picnic or a family gathering rather of a formal photo shoot.

The kids’ playful personality proved to be contagious, as Asa Team Members Harun Riyanto and Matthew Jantz goofed around during the photo shoot and took a few pictures as well. You can see their picture above and stay tuned for the fabulous pictures from the photo shoot.

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