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North America Disney Licensing and Retail Meeting Conference →  November 10, 2014

Excitement is in the air. Growth is definitely on the horizon. As a Disney licensee, on November 4th – 6th, Asa Products staff was able to attend a very exciting conference. Hundreds gathered at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California from all over the country for the North America Disney Licensing and Retail Meeting Conference. […]

→  July 30, 2014

The Indiana Chronicle has written their summer roundup which includes back to school, cookbooks, red, white and blue sections for the patriotic holidays. Additionally, they have a roundup for summer toys and 20,000 people from Indiana read about the new Mobo Tot Disney∙Pixar Cars – Lightning McQueen edition from Mobo. In addition to being a […]

Pedal 4 Hope to Fight Against Cancer →  July 21, 2011

Cancer is a nasty disease that has taken countless lives. Undoubtedly, many families are looking for a glimmer of hope to cure their loved ones.  Ryan Hornstra, a high school senior from CA, is doing his best to keep that hope alive by forming “Pedal 4 Hope”. Since June 25, 2011 Ryan and the Pedal […]

Health-Conscious Baby Boomers Can Cruise in Comfort →  July 18, 2011

The AP this week reported that “Baby boomers say wrinkles aren’t so bad and they’re not that worried about dying. Just don’t call them old.”  Doctors are encouraging their healthy boomer patients to get out there and stay fit.  So they’re walking, attending fitness classes, dancing, etc.  And bicycle riding is making a comeback! For […]

Wake up! Stay alert when you exercise! →  November 19, 2010

Whether you’re riding your new Mobo Cruiser, jogging or playing baseball, swimming or engaging in any other type of sport or exercise activity, it’s especially important to stay alert. When you’re exercising, it’s tempting to stay focused on your body and what you’re doing or trying to accomplish. However, to keep yourself safe, you also […]

Know when to stop exercising! →  October 27, 2010

Exercise is great and exercise is healthy, but it’s also important to know when to stop exercising. It’s perfectly normal to experience some level of discomfort when exercising, including sore muscles, fatigue and labored breathing. Sometimes it even takes some time, a day or two, for those sore muscles to appear. This is normal with […]