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→  July 30, 2014

The Indiana Chronicle has written their summer roundup which includes back to school, cookbooks, red, white and blue sections for the patriotic holidays. Additionally, they have a roundup for summer toys and 20,000 people from Indiana read about the new Mobo Tot Disney∙Pixar Cars – Lightning McQueen edition from Mobo. In addition to being [...]

Hot Summer Review →  July 28, 2014

With new toys entering the market each year, it has become increasingly difficult for parents to decipher through junk and find the right toy. Luckily there is the Toy Industry Association which helps parents make the right choice for their child.  From stuffed animals to remote control robots, parents don’t have it easy with so [...]

Entrepreneurship Meets Corporate Structure →  July 16, 2014

When we think about a true entrepreneur, we normally think of that person as the founder and executive of their commerce.  From John D. Rockefeller’s standardization of oil to the neighborhood lemonade stand, entrepreneurs have been thought as idea guys with a resolve not to fail.  Looking from afar I see the need for [...]

Dusty Cruiser Flying into Toys “R” Us locations →  July 8, 2014

Hey Mobo Fans! The new cruiser on the street is The Mobo Tot Disney Planes-Dusty edition. Parents can be at ease with its safe and durable ride which makes exploring fun. While these cruisers will have all the same safety features and specifications as the original Mobo Tot, Dusty’s likeness is captured to watch the [...]

Mobo Tot – Lightning McQueen Edition featured by NewsDay →  February 26, 2014

Each year, thousands of new Toys enter the market to compete and gain attention from Children around the world.  From birthday gifts, party ideas, movie inspired toys, plush animals, and video games, Parents have more choices than ever.  In an effort to make the selection process easier, NewsDay attended the 2014 New York Toy Fair and [...]

Mobo Mega Mini featured in the Fox & Friend After the Show Show →  February 20, 2014

We are proud to announce that Fox News has selected the Mobo Mega Mini as part of their annual Toy Fair Segment.  The New York Toy Fair is a multi-day event showcasing the Hottest Toys available and we are deeply honored to be recognized as one of the best.  The Mobo Mega Mini is an [...]