Mobo Tot Disney-Pixar (Lightning McQueen) Cruiser appears on E!News

It was only a few weeks ago that our Mobo Tot Disney Frozen Cruiser was being promoted on ABC’s hit show, “The View”, which was such a great success. Rosie O’Donnell was the host of that segment. The crowd cheered with excitement as the audience found out they were all receiving a cruiser. Since that show aired, we have been receiving numerous amounts of emails, phone calls, and orders for people and companies that “Have to have this product.” Here is the link for that video:  We recently received inventory and as the shipment came in, so many shipments have already gone out to fulfill a large number or pre-orders.

This time, our Mobo Tot Disney-Pixar (Lightning McQueen) Cruiser was featured on E! News. Guilana Rancic had a special segment called ‘Giuliana Rancic’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids.’ Guliana gave the scoop on the best toys to buy for this holiday season, and how cool was it that our Mobo Tot Disney-Pixar Cruiser made the cut. Here is the link for that video:

It’s no coincidence that Mobo brand products have been recently featured, and will continue to be featured by many media outlets as a company that produces popular and quality products. Moms and store owners raving about the various models of Mobo Cruisers. One thing that we hear almost daily is the fact that our cruisers are so low to the ground which allows for better safety and control.

This items are definitely ‘must haves’ for the holiday season and now is the perfect time to order one for yourself of for someone you love. Whether you’ve been “naughty or nice”, there is a Mobo Cruiser for you.

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How CNN made 2012 Mother’s Day Special for the Mobo Family

Back in February of this year, our President Melody Hsieh-Hornstra welcomed her son, Caymus Hornstra into the Mobo Family.  CNN made her very first Mother’s Day very special by featuring her story in the “Moms Making Millions” Article.  Mobo fans can enjoy her story and her journey towards making Mobo where we are now by reading the CNN article here.

We hope that this story can serve as inspiration for other Moms as we kick off this Mother’s Day Weekend.

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A Perfect Gift for Fun Loving and Active Mothers

Who says a mother’s day gift need to be boring? Skip the sweaters, cookbooks, and other household materials this year. In tribute to all Mothers who have worked hard and sacrificed so much for their children, Mobo is offering a free “green” tote bag along with free shipping on a purchase of any Mobo Cruiser this weekend. The Mobo Cruiser is a perfect gift for fun loving and active mothers. Not only is it the most attractive three wheeled cruiser in the market, it also allow riders to have an invigorating exercise without putting any pressure on their knees, back, wrists. Even better, you can also buy one for yourself and ride the Mobo Cruiser with your mother or wife (always remember to give a mother’s day gift to the mother of your children). After all, there is nothing a mother would love more than spending a fun quality time with her family.

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Exercise with Mom this Mother’s Day

America is obese, our waist lines are expanding and our guts are ballooning. So instead of taking Mom out for a fattening Mother’s Day breakfast or dinner why not show good ol’ Mom how much you care by making sure she’s healthy? Instead of flowers and candy how about taking Mom for a bike ride along the beach? Instead of a fattening breakfast at Denny’s why not buy Mom something that’ll will insure her well being like a gym pass, treadmill or a beach cruiser bike? Be sure to explain to Mom that your intentions are for her health or else you may get a slap to the head because she thinks you’re calling her fat! A healthy lifestyle starts with the family, we as children inherit much our of lifestyle from our family members. So if your family isn’t the most active and healthy group then maybe it would be a good idea to use Mother’s Day as the occasion to get your family in shape.


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Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday May, 10th. Have no idea what to get your dear mom for Mother’s Day? Like most of us you probably don’t. Instead of the same old flowers, card and cheesy gift why not get something mom will actually use? The same old presents year after year don’t really show how thankful you are yo mom. If your mom is into cooking then get her a nice pot and pan set of a cookbook of recipes she doesn’t have yet. If she likes scrap booking get her a good scrap booking material set. If your mother is into being healthy and fit why not get her one of the many beach cruisers available on the market? If your mother is planning on getting back into shape a recumbent tricycle type of cruiser is a great way of promoting fitness without causing back pain or injuries. The Triton Three-Wheeled Cruiser is safe and easy to ride, it’s easy on your back, and it looks really good in it’s three available colors.  So if you’re unsure what to get mom this year, why not something like the Triton to help our dear moms get healthy and fit again?

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